Fanny MORITZ, French entrepreneur based in Hong Kong

I'm Fanny Moritz A passionate French entrepreneur focused on helping people start a zero waste lifestyle.

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StoryWhy did I start living a Zero Waste life

Separate your trash. Don’t take long showers. Turn off the lights when you leave a room. I thought I was taking care of the planet when I was younger but I was far from knowing that my efforts weren’t enough.

At the end of 2015, reading Bea Johnson’s bestseller “Zero Waste Home” changed me. If a whole family can reduce their annual waste to a small jar, why not me? I decided to challenge myself, and do the same by switching to a more sustainable lifestyle and reducing my waste.

A better self. A better planet. Everything makes sense.

But I soon realized that all the reusable alternatives that I needed to reduce my daily waste wasn’t available here in Hong Kong. That’s how I got the idea of importing and gathering all the items together on the same plateform: NO!W No Waste.

Fanny MORITZ, French entrepreneur based in Hong Kong

MissionMake the zero waste lifestyle

Offering reusable alternatives is good, but making people change their habits is even better.

After launching NO!W No Waste, I quickly realised that offering these reusable alternatives to help people reduce their waste wasn’t enough. In fact, everyone should be aware of the emergency we are facing. That’s why I decided to promote this new way of living and talk about it to convince more people.

Reducing your waste is not an option but a necessity.

The talkHow to simplify your life by reducing your waste

I promise, this talk will be only about positiv news & tips! I want to tell you all the benefits this new way of living can bring, and for that let me:

  • Introduce you to the Zero Waste lifestyle
  • Tell you about the 5R rules
  • Share with you some DIY recipes of beauty & cleaning products
  • Present the reusable alternatives

This talk is ideal for: Companies / NGOs / Events / Co-working space / Schools

Format: 30 min + 30 min Q&A

Available in English and French

ClientsThey believe we need
to change now!

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