Fanny MORITZ, French entrepreneur based in Hong Kong

I'm Fanny Moritz A French passionate entrepreneur dedicated helping others to have a zero waste lifestyle.

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StoryWhy did I start to live a Zero Waste life

Separate your trash. Never take your showers too long. Always turn off the lights when you leave a room. I thought I was taking care of the planet when I was young but I was far away from thinking that my efforts wasn’t enough.

At the end of 2015, the read from Bea Johnson’s bestseller “Zero Waste Home” changed me. If a whole family can reduce their annual waste into a handy-size jar, why not me? I then decided to challenge myself to do the same and switch to a more sustainable lifestyle by reducing my waste.

A better self. A better planet. Everything makes sense.

All the reusable alternatives that I was needed to reduce my daily waste wasn’t available here in Hong Kong. That’s how I get the idea to import them and bring them all together on the same plateform: NO!W No Waste.

Fanny MORITZ, French entrepreneur based in Hong Kong

MissionMake zero waste mainstream

Offers reusable alternatives, it’s good. Convince people, it’s even better.

After launching NO!W No Waste, I quickly realised that offering these reusable alternatives to help people reduce their waste wasn’t enough.

In fact, everyone should be aware of the emergency we are facing. That’s why I decided to promote this new of living and speak about it to convince more people.

The talkHow to simplify your life by reducing your waste

I promise you! It’s only gonna be positive! Including in the talk:

  • Introduction to the Zero Waste lifestyle
  • 5R rules
  • DIY recipes of beauty & cleaning products
  • Presentation of the reusable products

This talk is perfect for: Companies / NGOs / events / co-working space / schools

Format: 30 min + 30 min Q&A

Talk available in English and French

ClientsThey believe we need
to change now!

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ContactLet’s grow this movement together

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